Opportunity Zone (OZ) Investing

There are many benefits to investors, when investing in OZ from deferral of capital gains taxes due on investment returns to completely sheltering taxes on future earnings from property or business investments in opportunity zones.  This is a winning strategy for investors and communities with opportunity zones. 

You are allowed to set up your own Opportunity Zone fund or invest through Qualified Funds established by professional real estate investment firms or money managers. Our Opportunity Zone Fund "Palace Way LP" is a professional real estate investment firm managed by experienced real estate investors with more then 3-decades of successful real estate management. 

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Opportunity Zone Investment Fund

 Invest in our Opportunity Zone Fund and you can:

  • Re-invest any form of capital gains income.
  • Defer taxes due on your original capital gain until the end of 2026.
  • Reduce your taxes on the gain by 10% when you invest in Our Qualified Opportunity Fund for 5-years.
  • Completely eliminate the tax on new capital gains earned from your Opportunity Fund investment by maintaining the investment for 10-years.
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  • Power Point Presentation Here

Scroll down to REGISTER HERE for access to the FUND's investor PPM and offering documents. we will review your registration and reply with-in 24 hours with access to offering documents.


Income Producing Real Estate Development Projects

 Palace Way Opportunity Zone Fund is a $12,000,000 fund that invest in income producing real estate development projects. We invest in new real estate development because that is where the returns and capital appreciation are better than average. We like Mobile Home Parks, small Business Warehouse Parks and Multi-Family projects. For more information and or to get our offering prospectus register below or call 210-413-7230


Invest Non-Capital Gains Funds Too!

In addition to our Opportunity Zone Fund you can make a direct investment into one of our Real Estate Development projects. If you don't have capital gains to invest or you want to combine non-capital gains into the investment this might be your best option. Call us. Accredited investors only.

projects Types & specific Projects the fund invest in

Mobile Home Parks


We Invest in new developments of Mobile Home Parks, in major growth areas, primarily in Texas. These are land lease communities built for rental income and appreciation in value. They are held for 5 to 10-years years then sold. Projects are typically 250 space or larger.  Read More below about a specific project.

Park Layout Drawing.

Power Point Presentation click here

Business Warehouse Parks

Warehouse building

We will invest into New-Development of Light Industrial Warehouse Business Parks. 1/2-Acre fenced lots with a metal building for small businesses. The projects are typically 20 to 25-acres in size with 40 or so individual buildings held for rental income for 10-years then sold for the capital appreciation.  Read more below about a specific project. See Business Park Power Point Presentation.

Apartment Buildings


We are always on the lookout for Multi-Family projects located in opportunity zones that we think will return a good return to our investors. We look for new developments or value-add projects being conducted by experienced developers. 

Mobile Home Park Identified



We have identified a Mobile Home Park project in an opportunity zone in San Marcos, Texas. Our civil engineering firm is working on this project now. The Project is ready for your investment.  Read More about the senior lifestyle real estate investment. Park Layout 

Warehouse Business Park


We have identified  property for a warehouse Business Park development. The project will be located in a Qualified Opportunity Zones in San Marcos, Texas. Ready for investing now   Read More.

240-Unit Apartment Project

We have identified a 240-unit Opportunity Zone apartment project on 14-acres in South San Antonio.


We have identified a 240-Unit Apartment Complex  located in a Qualified Opportunity Zones in south San Antonio, Texas. The developer's engineers team is working on the design of the project no

Opportunity Zone Fund Quick Facts

8% Preferred Return

Your account accrues interest at 8% from  date of investment, to be paid when earnings are available.  Because these are new real estate developments income usually starts at month 30-36. Paid quarterly when available.

15.5% Targeted Returns

The total targeted return is 15.5% over the 10 year life of the investment.Made up of preferred return, excess free cash flow and capital gains from the assets sales. 

2% Management Fee

Palace Way Management LLC. the General Partner gets a 2% annual management fee. Management does not have a carried interest or performance percentage of the Fund. 

Payouts to investors

New Real Estate developments do not have funds or income to make payouts for the first 2-3 years. Preferred returns accrue to your account from date of investment. Payouts are made quarterly when income is available. 100% of the Fund's investment income is paid to investors, after fees and expenses and a 10% reserve. 

Accredited Investors

 This investment is limited to accredited investors in keeping with state and SEC security regulations governing 506-C exemption offerings.

 For non-capital gains investment accounts please contact Palace Way Management.


 This is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy any securities. Offers are made only by Prospectus or Private Placement Memorandum, or other offering materials. To obtain further information, you must complete our investor questionnaire and meet the suitability standards required by law. 

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